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Teacher and Pupil


It is hard to leave your child with someone, and we know how that feels. We understand that putting your trust into a child care center and finding quality child care is important and we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our school environment is very clean, calm, and full of TLC. It is an ideal environment for your child to take their first steps, learn their first words, and gain the confidence and skills they will need. We believe that the strength of our program is in the dedication of our teaching staff. We support our teachers with training, resources and freedom to create a unique learning experience.


Staff are in compliance with all Office of Family and Children Services (OCFS):

  • Staff members meet all state and local standards, including background screening, fingerprinting, medical history, and training as required by state and local law.

  • Staff members must be qualified by training and experience to carry out their respective functions in the administration, operation and maintenance of the child day care center.

  • Minimum education and experience qualifications to be qualified for respected role.

  • Training: An individual in the position of director, teacher, or volunteer must complete Office-approved training that complies with federal minimum health and safety pre-service or three-month orientation period requirements.

  • Principles of childhood development, focusing on the developmental stages of the age groups for which the program provides care; nutrition and health needs of children; child care program development; safety and security procedures; business record maintenance and management; child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention; statutes and regulations pertaining to child care; statutes and regulations pertaining to child abuse and maltreatment; education and information on the identification, diagnosis and prevention of shaken baby syndrome; and adverse childhood experiences, focused on understanding trauma and on nurturing resiliency.

  • First Aid and CPR Certified

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